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"Basic business box" -- an entry created by basic electric for the electrician Market

Time: 2021-08-09 17:33:00  Views: 683

Entry created by Keiyip for the electrical market: Keiyip box

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In the electrical market, it is customary to call lighting switch box, power control box and other products "basic box". In fact, the basic business box refers to the "basic business" brand distribution box. The main reasons for calling the distribution box "basic business box" in the industry are as follows:

1. The development of distribution box industry is closely related to "basic industry". In the early 1980s, Hong Kong Keiyip engineering company invested and set up a factory in Dongguan to produce three box products such as "Keiyip" license switch box, meter box and power control box. It is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of distribution box in China. In 1991, the first "Keiyip" character trademark (class IX: junction box) was successfully registered, with Registration No. 541638; In 1996, "Keiyip" character + pattern trademark (Class 9) was successfully registered, with Registration No. 838481;

2. "Basic business box" has realized the production of mould, standardization and large-scale earlier. With the promotion of China's reform and opening up, the vigorous development of real estate industry, factory buildings and municipal construction has promoted the market development of distribution box equipment. As the basic box is the first standard box with industrialized large-scale production, the market demand is strong, and the sales (Agency) "basic box" outlets are also all over the electrician wholesale markets all over the country

The operators habitually call the three box distribution box "basic industry box", and the color of the light gray box "basic industry color", which has been used until now.


3. In 2003, "Keiyip" trademark was approved and recognized as "Guangdong famous trademark" by Guangdong Administration for Industry and commerce.

4. Baidu love purchasing inquires about the keyword "basic business box", and the product information and pictures of "basic business box" of nearly 400 companies are displayed to

"Basic business box" is a market practice.

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