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Maintenance of electrical equipment in high voltage distribution system

Time: 2018-02-21 18:04:00  Views: 709

With the acceleration of China's national economic development, the of GDP is also increasing, which can also show that the scale of China's industrial enterprises is gradually expanding and the structure of power system within enterprises is gradually improving. When the high-voltage electrical equipment is running, how to prevent the high-voltage electrical equipment from stopping due to failure is an important problem that all staff need to think about. According to the development of industrial electrical equipment, this paper analyzes the measures that should be taken in the maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment, so as to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

The production and operation of various factories in China mainly rely on the cooperation of various large-scale electrical equipment and mechanical equipment. Because the types and quality of electrical equipment vary greatly, the maintenance and management of electrical equipment is a more professional and complex work. In the actual operation process, the maintenance of electrical equipment will be more complex. Electrical maintenance management personnel need to master professional electrical knowledge and understand the situation of electrical equipment, so as to achieve reasonable, scientific and clear objectives of maintenance and promote the improvement of the maintenance process of high-voltage electrical equipment.

The equipment in the high-voltage distribution system includes hardware, supporting insulator, bus, lightning arrester, voltage transformer, current transformer, disconnector, high-voltage switch, etc. Under the normal operation of the system, these system equipment should run smoothly and complete the power distribution task. The perfect maintenance work can ensure the normal operation of the high-voltage distribution system. The main maintenance requirements are as follows: firstly, SCADA data monitoring and acquisition must be completed through operation and maintenance, so as to ensure that the operation parameters of the distribution system can reach the established constraints of normal state; Secondly, DSM and LM are implemented through maintenance to improve the load curve under normal conditions, so as to avoid the violation of inequality constraints caused by excessive load when reaching the peak; After maintenance, DMS can reduce network loss and promote the smooth operation of distribution system through voltage / reactive power optimization and load balance under normal conditions. Finally, after maintenance, the mechanical calculation is completed under different stress states and meteorological conditions. The safety factor shall not be lower than the specified value to avoid safety accidents. During the normal operation of the high-voltage distribution system, the maintenance work needs to ensure that its design scheme and implementation content can maintain the normal work, and can also ensure the safety of the distribution system. In the actual maintenance of distribution system, it is also necessary to consider the normal operation of the system and make the most reasonable and comprehensive maintenance scheme.